2009 December 22, 2009

PixExplorer - updated

PixExplorer icon Update PixExplorer.

Know the number of lines of code you typed hard? files they have a license applied? PixExplorer now provides a brief report on these points on your ActionScript files.

PixExplorer on Google Code
PixExplorer on What is it?

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2009 December 16, 2009

PixExplorer - Inspect your swc or swf files happy

PixExplorer icon PixExplorer allows you to quickly view the contents (classes and interfaces) of your files swf and swc.
PixExplorer on Google Code

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2009 December 14, 2009

PixFont Editor - Manage Shared Font Library

PixFont Editor icon PixFont Editor allows quick and easy management of your shared fonts for your Flash, Flex applications bookstores.
PixFont Editor on Google Code

From creation to export to SWF, PixFont Editor allows the developer or designer, to create, without laborious process of very beautiful library of fonts to share (with friends).
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